Control and automate the browser with plain English.

A clever assistant that helps you with your work.

AI to control the browser

Browser Daemon is a cloud based service that lets you use plain English to control a browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Edge, either on your computer or on one of ours. It can receive tasks from you, such as signing up for a service, and make all the right google searches, navigations and button clicks to do what you asked.

voice assistant

How it works

Browser Daemon uses algorithms and techniques inspired by AlphaGo, such as Deep Reinforcement Q Learning. Open ended task completion is available with just a few sentences, and tasks can be initiated by any number of user specified events (time of day, the weather or the news).


The automated cloud browser runs on puppeteer, but any web driver framework can be supported. By using the API you can automate a browser local to your device, by using an integration that translates the decision making of Browser Daemon into dynamically created scripts written in your preferred web driver language.


Our values


Your browing history is yours alone, it is not accessible by us. Not shared with anyone.


Credentials are managed in a private password vault and accessible only to the user.


We try to make everything as user-friendly and convenient as possible.